About the relocation of our Osaka Office

We are pleased to announce that our Osaka office will be relocated to the following address as of April 1st, 2021.
And we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and encouragement.

<New address>
Osaka Ekimae 1 Bldg.4F, 1-3-1 Umeda,
Kita-ku, Osaka City, 530-0001, Japan

TEL: 06-6344-3261
FAX: 06-6348-0524
There will be no change in the telephone number or fax number.

Futaba Tsushinsha’s Fashion x Media x Consumer survey: FABCO 2020

“FABCO (Futaba’s Assessment of Brands & Consumers)” is a quantitative survey of 10,000 consumers.
The 2020 edition of this survey showed us that there were significant changes in the way consumers spend their time, and their interests, due to the effects of COVID-19.
Please use the summary of the survey results we have released.

How did the fashion purchase behavior of “MOJ = Monosugoku Osharena Joshi (Extremely stylish women)” change with the COVID-19 pandemic? The survey results of “Survey about lifestyle during WITH COVID-19 times”.

We have interviewed gen-Z and millenials “MOJ = Monosugoku Osharena Joshi (Extremely stylish women)” that we have collected using our original networks, to implement “Survey about lifestyle during WITH COVID-19 times” in order to investigate the fashion and beauty purchase trends in the age of living with COVID-19.

66% of MOJs have purchased clothes after the declaration of state of emergency. With an increasing number of online purchases, we are aiming to solve the “anxiety and frustration of not being able to try products”.

Please use the summary of the survey results that we have released, also with the “MOJ Extremely Stylish Women 107ppl. report”.

About the publication of “MOJ Extremely Stylish Women 107ppl. report”

In 2019, Futaba Tsushinsha published an interview report of 91 MOD = extremely stylish men, targeting Gen Z and Millennials (18-35 years old).
As our second survey following MOD, we conducted an interview survey of 107 extremely stylish women (= 107 MOJ). We have published a report on the persona, fashion purchasing behavior and touch points of these “Stylish Millennials & Gen Z Women”.