By integrating promotion and advertising, our PR support system is firmly established to help our clients communicate efficiently and organically.
Brand value levels best when both points harmonize. As a communication partner, we are always ready to suit clients with thorough support.

Examples of
PR support activities

Follow-ups and supports
for brand publicists

・ Distribution of brand PR press releases and acquisition of free publicity in media
・ Connection building with media companies through press caravans and press lunch meeting, etc.

Supports for new product exhibitions and new brand launch events

・ Management and provision of an effective press list
・ Requests for attendance of appropriate persons to exhibitions / events, confirmation of attendance/absence
・ Operation support of exhibitions & events

Other supports

・ Provision of accurate media information (personnel information, new publication, media discontinuation, and other media topics)
・ Production and provision of media reports based on questionnaire responses and interviews with key person of each media

Periodical news and reports distribution

We periodically distribute various news and reports that are useful for our clients to collect fashion and cosmetics information by e-mail.