Well known as a“magazine ad expert” in the industry, we support client communication and SP/PR activities, not only through magazines but various other media types in general (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, digital, outdoor).
Especially showing high performance in magazine advertisings, we have obtained highest billings in many major fashion magazines.

Media relations service features

Total support for media communication

Although known for our expertise in magazine advertising, we deal with other media types too. We realize successful integrated communication activities for clients.

Solutions based on experience and
abundant data in the industry

Specific knowledge and know-how are required in the fashion / lifestyle For the fashion / lifestyle industry. With our guaranteed experience and consumer data earned through projects with numerous brands and media types, we are always ready to give our best at branding and communication solutions.

Original media development

Partnering with specialty magazines, we develop original content media, which performs specific communication upon targeted readers.

Strong connection with publishers

Thanks to strong connection with advertising / editorial departments of numerous publishers over 65 years, our thoughtful and considerate PR support has been highly regarded upon clients. Since 1980, we have collaborated with “Kateigaho” magazine (Sekai Bunka Publishing) in tie-in campaigns every year. Beside this, we have distributed unique tie-in campaigns with major publishers / magazines each year.

Tie-in campaign magazine examples
  • Kateigaho (Sekai Bunka Publishing)
  • BAILA (Shueisha)
  • Marisol (Shueisha)
  • STORY (Kobunsha)
  • VERY (Kobunsha)
  • CLASSY (Kobunsha)
  • InRed (Takarajimasha)