Integration of digital / analog media and real-life features is what we give out as communication solution plans. Our advantage is data-driven creative execution powered by our extensive network.

Data-driven creativity

When offering our integrated communication solutions, the idea of data-driven creativity is inevitable. Regarding consumer perspective-based hypothesis, we study previous cases, analyze the present, and foresee the future. We integrate our logic earned through this process with creative output incorporated with quality-guaranteed creative agencies. As a conclusion, we realize highly successful communication that speaks out to consumers.

  • Issue detection
  • Hypothesis planning
  • Concept development,
    action planning
  • Project execution
  • Effect verification

Elements of our integrated communication


To increase brand values, such as empathy and reliability for customers, we start from analyzing the brand’s current condition from historical aspects, its worldview and brand story. After this phase we propose a branding process framework to achieve the brand’s goal.

Media planning

Considering long-term operation, we select the best media for client to communicate with customers.

Product development

We assist client’s product development process based on brand condition and consumers’ insight.


From concept developing to actual execution, we organize and deliver events as touch points with consumers to experience the brand.


As a company valuing human resource, we also feel extensive network is important. Having strong connection with various types of influencers, we contribute to support client’s social network activities and other online communication.