We are able to support with various business solutions for challenges that extend beyond the realm of communications.
2016 marked the year we became the exclusive sales partner of application service provider LAUNCHMETRICS in Japan.


LAUNCHMETRICS was developed by US based ASP, Fashion GPS. Over time, it has evolved to become an indispensible tool for the fashion industry.
In July of 2016, we became the only company in Japan to offer LAUNCHMETRICS products.


All LAUNCHMETRICS products are designed to link with a contact database that consists of over 40, 000 influencers worldwide.


SAMPLES is an outstanding tool for monitoring and tracking samples quickly. Through various reporting options, accumulated data can be used to extract trends and identify potential issues.


Fashion events are a necessity for the industry.
From runway shows to new product launches, several times during the year seating can be a big concern.
EVENTS is an event management system, which enables organizers to send email invitations, receive RVSP’s, and manage seating and check-in.


Sample and runway show images are indispensible PR tools. GALLERIES is a platform where fashion leaders all over the world can access these assets safely anytime, anywhere. Images can be easily accessed whenever required.

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