Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has formulated and shall address the following “Information Security Policy” implementing the necessary measures, in order to manage and protect the information assets related to the Company services and earn the trust of all concerned parties. The information assets subject to the “Information Security Policy” are all the information accumulated by the Company for its activities and all the information possessed by the Company for its services. All “executives, employees, partner companies, contract employees, part-time workers” who manage those information assets shall be aware of the purport of this policy and shall comply with it. The Company will comply with this “Information Security Policy” and will make efforts to maintain information security.

1.Establishment of Information Security management structure

The Company shall establish an organization to build and manage Information Security Measures, with an “Information Management Officer” that has general responsibilities. An “Information Management Committee” shall be established in order to apprehend exactly the situation of Information Security, protect and manage properly the possessed information assets, and have an organization that can implement the needed procedures quickly.

2.Compliance with the law, industry guidelines

In order to protect and manage properly the possessed information assets, the Company will comply with the related laws, governmental policies, and other related regulations (industrial regulations).

3.Implementation of Information Security measures

Strict information security measures will be implemented, to avoid in advance incidents such as unauthorized access to information assets, viruses, leakage, falsification, destruction, disturbances.

4.Implementation of continuous improvement

The compliance of Information Security measures shall be regularly evaluated and inspected. Appropriate policy reviews, information system changes, improvements adapted new threats posed by environmental changes shall be implemented if the “Information Management Officer” determine necessity.

5.Security measures for subcontracting

When the Company outsources its services, the subcontractor’s qualification shall be examined thoroughly considering company confidential information and personal information. Contracts shall be revised, and the subcontractors shall be requested to keep an Information Security level equal or higher than the Company.

6.Notification and education for Information Security Measures

Educational activities for Information Security shall be implemented towards all employees, to announce the importance of Information Security and appropriate Information management.

7.Measures for Information Security Policy breaches

Breaches to the Information Security Policy shall be subject to penalties stipulated in employment regulations.
January 1st, 2019 Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd. President & CEO Okawa Hiroshi