1948 Futaba Tsushinsha founded by Ohkawa Iso at Ginza 1-chome, Tokyo, and soon relocated to Nihonbashi Mitsukoshimae, Tokyo and have located in the Nihonbashi district until today
1956 Osaka office established
1962 The company reorganized into a stock company, Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.
1969 Ohkawa Kiyoshi becomes the President
1973 Celebration of its 20th in business
1978 Drastic increase in business deals with trading companies specializing in apparel products. Establishment of the base of “Futaba Tsushinsha is strong in fashion”
1980 Futaba’s original advertising project, “Masterpiece Project” in a magazine, Katei Gaho started
1988 Celebration of its 40th year in business and over 40 employees
1998 Celebration of its 50th year in business and over 60 employees
2002 Increase in business deals with overseas brand companies such as fashion, watch and accessory
2005 Ohkawa Hiroshi becomes the President & CEO
2008 Tokyo Head Office moved to Yanagiya Bldg., Nihonbashi, Tokyo Celebration of its 60th year in business and over 90 employees
2011 Further increase in working on magazine advertising projects and shift to focusing on seamless communication planning
2014 Advertising business transferred to “Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.” that is newly established through company splits, and the name of a split holding company that mainly manages its own business company changed to “Futaba Holdings Co., Ltd.”
2015 Okinawa Branch Office established