WORKS MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA×Safari Lounge Showroom Store 2018

MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA×Safari Lounge Showroom Store
MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA×Safari Lounge Showroom Store

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Client:Client: Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc. / Hinode Publishing co., ltd.

MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA is an open-air shopping mall situated next to the Yokohama red brick warehouse.
The men’s lifestyle magazine Safari proposed a new type of store for this space that connects sea and nature seamlessly, by opening a pop-up for its official online store called the “Safari Lounge Showroom Store”.
We supported the opening.

The concept of the store is a Californian mansion for people who like the sea,
it is the industry’s first showroom style store with no stock.
Samples of new and popular products that could be only seen on the website or in catalogs are displayed, and the visitors can try them on place.

For the purchases, the visitors read the QR codes on the product tags with their smart phones, then items are added on their online cart. The visitors make their payments online, to receive their items later-on, in their designated places.
By this way, this store is proposing a new shopping style.

①Read the QR codes on the product tags to access the store website.
②Enter the address and the payment method to confirm the purchase.
③The purchased products are sent to the designated place.

The store includes a café and a gallery in collaboration with Japan’s third wave coffee pioneer “Streamer Coffee Company”. This place is popular because the visitors can enjoy a nice coffee while shopping. And they can also read all the back numbers of Safari.

For the interior decoration, furniture of the BoConcept are used. It is a brand creating refined Nordic designs for over 65 years.
The furniture can also be purchased online on safari Lounge, by reading the QR codes on the items.

Brand events in collaboration with the Safari magazine are also planned for the future,
to provide a new way to enjoy MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, a place where rich moments can be spent.