WORKS DENHAM + GINZA ‘Capsule Collection’ 2017

DENHAM + GINZA ‘Capsule Collection’
DENHAM + GINZA ‘Capsule Collection’

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Dutch denim brand DEHNAM and GINZA’s editorial department collaborated to produce “Capsule Collection”.  According to Toshiko Nakashima, editor in chief of GINZA, they focused most on
“Not only an ideal design but creating something that women working in Tokyo would really want to wear, including the price point”.  Also, “This time we named each piece after a song from my favorite band, ‘四人囃子 – Yoninbayashi’, to add a little story”.
DENHAM + GINZA collaboration “Capsule Collecion” is available exclusively at the new GINZA six store which opened in 2017.

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