Fashionable boys interview「MOD」2019.7.4

MOD 91 people interview ~The truth about them~

Many brands are targeting “Fashionable Millenials and Gen Zs”. But there are very few
survey data about the fashion consumption of “Fashionable boys”, and it is said that “hooks” to attract them are hard to observe.

Futaba Tsushinsha has implemented a hybrid survey (Quantitative and Qualitative survey)
focusing on extremely fashionable boys, to reveal the truth about “Fashionable Millenials and Gen Zs”.

This survey was implemented to support
communication planning, from the actual conditions of Millenials and Gen Zs’
“Extremely fashionable boys”.

Survey overview

  • Recruiting: Snowball sampling
  • Survey method: Depth interview
  • Survey amount: 91 people
    Gen Z (18-23 y/o): 24 people
    Millenials I (24-29 y/o): 32 people
    Millenials II (30-35 y/o): 35 people
  • Survey period: October 26 – December 25, 2018
  • Survey planning: Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.
  • Survey Conductor: Futaba Tsushinsha Co., Ltd., See You. Inc.
Interview points / “Clarify the actual conditions of MOD, focusing on Fashion” 
  • Information
  • Fashion
  • Influencers
  • Background
  • Lifestyle
  • Values

Survey Result

MOD 9 personas
MOD 9 personas
Fashion purchase capacity by Persona x Social Media communication
Fashion purchase capacity by Persona x  Social Media communication
MOD<Gen Z> Fashion purchase behavior
MOD<Gen Z> Fashion purchase behavior
Brands and Shops liked by MOD
Brands and Shops liked by MOD

MOD and Media

Proactively collect information for trends and culture
  • About 90% check Instagram
  • NETFLIX and amazon prime are the alternatives to TV.
  • Share playlists on apple music.
  • POPEYE、GRIND、BRUTUS、MEN’S NONNO are the read magazines.
    Many check GINZA’s official social media, and prefer VOGUE’s “print” version.
  • Many passionate fans of HYPEBEAST.JP. Some purchased items seen on FASHIONSNAP.COM.
  • Like Radio. Listen to “Comedy” and “Talk” programs on TBS radio or J-WAVE.

Insights of MOD (extract)

Attitude towards Social Media is changing

Take distance with Social Media. Many only watch contents. Most of the posts on Instagram are “Stories” that can be made easily. Less “Feed” posts that can be seen by everybody. “Stories” are used to report live situations instead of Twitter.

Don’t watch TV

TV is only to watch recorded programs. No zapping. Some don’t have a TV at home.They kill the time by watching video on demand services.

Important brand contact = Second-hand stores/Stores/Shops

Professors for fashion = Second-hand store staff /owners.Become loyal users, getting inspired by the service and knowledge of the shop staff.

Buy 『Similar items』

If the wanted item is expensive, they will look for “similar” designs to make purchases.Essence and styling is what they want. The purchases are realistic.


Interested in women’s fashion. Wear the items without distinction.Read also women’s mode magazines. Get to know the trends by following women’s magazine accounts.