Message from CEO

Thanks to you, we celebrated our 70th anniversary.

Futaba Tsushinsha has celebrated its 70th anniversary in December 2018.
This is entirely thanks to the guidance and the support we received from our business partners over the years, and we are deeply thankful for that.

Since its foundation, our company has built a unique position for “Magazine media” and “Fashion” categories, and we have achieved a consistent track record.

As you are aware, following the rise of “Digital media”, the environment surrounding advertising and publishing is changing significantly.

In such an environment, we think that it is important to create integrated communication combining “Magazine contents” and “Digital marketing”, by enforcing our strong and unique relation with publishing companies.

Therefore, we are working on developing human resources and communication plans adapted to the “Digital era”, using our proprietary know-hows and skills and our diverse network.

Please look forward to the evolution of Futaba Tsushinsha, for its 70th anniversary.

December 2018

Hiroshi Ohkawa
President & CEO